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Umsatzsteuer in Österreich

Diese Broschüre wurde als Leitfaden für ausländische Unternehmer erstellt, die in Österreich tätig werden bzw. mit österreichischen Unternehmen in Geschäftsverbindung treten wollen und in diesem Zusammenhang mit dem österreichischen Umsatzsteuerrecht in Berührung kommen.

Value added tax in Austria

The booklet is intended to serve as a guide to VAT for foreign businesses, which carry out taxable transactions in Austria or intend to enter into business relations with Austrian businesses and therefore will have to comply with Austrian VAT law.

Banking in the new normal

Analysis of the Austrian & CEE markets focused on the region's macro and banking markets developments coupled with the latest results of Austria's largest banks with CEE interests.

Insurance 2020: Forcing the place - The fast way to becoming a digital front-runner

Many life and pensions businesses are scrambling to keep pace with the increasing impact of digital in their marketplace. But the ways in which they’re responding are too slow. Could there be a faster, cheaper and more flexible way to grasp the digital potential?

Global Entertainment and Media Outlook

Now in its 15th year, PwC's annual Global entertainment and media outlook provides a single comparable source of five-year forecast and five-year historic consumer and advertiser spending data and commentary, for 13 entertainment and media segments, across 54 countries.

Banking Banana Skins 2014

The survey describes the risks currently facing the global banking industry, as seen by a wide range of bankers, banking regulators and close observers of the banking scene around the world.

ERP-/Billing Applikationen: Eine Marktübersicht für Energieversorger

Die Marktuntersuchung vergleicht Anbieter von ERP-/Billing-Software für Unternehmen der Energiewirtschaft und liefert einen Überblick über die derzeit am Markt vertretenen Systemlösungen und jeweiligen Funktionsbereiche sowie ihre Ausprägungen.

The 2013 Chief Executive Study

For 14 years, Strategy& has examined CEO turnover and the incoming class of CEOs at the world's largest 2.500 public companies. We focus on incoming and outgoing CEOs because determining what happens at critical decision points can help us understand what companies are looking for in their CEO and how the role is changing.

6th Annual Digital IQ Survey

Die meisten Unternehmen bewerten ihre digitale Kompetenz zurückhaltend: Nur jeder fünfte der weltweit rund 1.500 befragten Top-Manager ist davon überzeugt, dass in seinem Unternehmen die Bedeutung der neuen digitalen Technologien voll erkannt wird.

Economic analysis of SEPA

This report summarises the findings and includes the perspectives and feedback of the stakeholder representatives we interviewed in November and December, 2013. It also describes the assumptions underlying our calculations and the limitations of the model used for this study.

Global 100 software leaders

The PwC Global 100 Software Leaders list is based on corporate financial statements (GAAP-based where applicable), other public sources and estimates for privately held companies, as compiled for PwC by the Global Software Business Strategies Group at IDC.

TaxInformation Austria 2014

Alle wesentlichen Informationen zu Einkommensteuer, Sozialversicherung und Immigration im Zusammenhang mit internationalen Entsendungen finden Sie in unserer neuen Broschüre kurz und übersichtlich dargestellt.