Publikationen: Financial Services

  1. Insurance 2020: Forcing the place - The fast way to becoming a digital front-runner

    Many life and pensions businesses are scrambling to keep pace with the increasing impact of digital in their marketplace. But the ways in which they’re responding are too slow. Could there be a faster, cheaper and more flexible way to grasp the digital potential?

  2. Banking Banana Skins 2014

    The survey describes the risks currently facing the global banking industry, as seen by a wide range of bankers, banking regulators and close observers of the banking scene around the world.

  3. Unlocking Potential: Finance effectiveness benchmark study 2013

    Today's top tier finance functions are increasingly calles upon to fill diverse roles. In addition to their traditional accounting and reporting duties, today's modern finance groups must now provide thought leadership, generate insights from increasingly diverse data, spearhead finance-business partnerships, and assume a more central role in corporate business strategy.

  4. Austria & CEE non-performing assets overview 2012

    Banking in times of financial distress
    Analysis of the Austrian & CEE markets focused on the region's macro and banking markets developments coupled with the latest results of Austria's largest banks with CEE interests

  5. Insurance Banana Skins 2013

    What risks do insurers worldwide face in the current climate and how are they prioritising them?

    The biennial survey presents results with insights from over 660 insurers and regulators across 54 countries and is aimed at senior executives in the insurance – a joint production with the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation (CSFI).

  6. Are you taking control of the MiFID II agenda?

    Eine der Hauptreformen in der Europäischen Union, die große Auswirkungen auf den Finanzdienstleistungssektor haben wird, ist die Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II). Diese Studie bereitet Sie auf die wesentlichen Änderungen vor.

  7. Marktübersicht: IT waking up to FATCA - Vendor Screening [Updated x2]

    Die PwC Analyse erleichtert die Suche nach dem geeigneten IT-Dienstleister zur Umsetzung der FATCA Vorgaben

  8. Banking Banana Skins 2012

    Der Studie zufolge bereitet die gesamtwirtschaftliche Entwicklung der Finanzwelt rund um den Globus die größte Sorge. Als größte Risiken nach der konjunkturellen Entwicklung nennen die Befragten wenig überraschend Kreditrisiken, Liquidität und Kapitalverfügbarkeit.

  9. Sharing deal insight. European Financial Services M&A news and views

    This report provides perspectives on the recent trends and future developments in the European Financial Services M&A market and insights into emerging investment opportunities.

  10. Insurance Banana Skins 2011

    The CSFI survey of the risks facing insurers
    PwC has joined forces with the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation (CSFI) to explore what risks insurers face and how they prioritise them.

  11. International Comparison of Insurance Taxation 2011

    Zur Ausgabe 2009, bringt Sie die Ausgabe 2011 auf den neuesten Stand bei unternehmensrechtlichen und steuerlichen Vorschriften für Versicherungen bringen. Das Update liefert Informationen zur Situation in 20 verschiedenen Ländern des "Central", 16 des "East" und 9 des "West" Clusters.

  12. Banking in 2050

    In this report we present updated projections on how large PwC expect the banking industry to become in the world's largest economies over the next 40 years, building on our 2007 report on this same topic that was produced prior to the onset of the financial crisis.

  13. PwC Financial Services

    Banken. Fonds. Real Estate. Versicherungen. Informationen zu aktuellen und brisanten Themen im Finanzdienstleistungssektor kurz und prägnant zusammengefasst